Material of Construction

PUF Panels for Wall & Roof

40 mm thick PUF Insulated panels with Pre Painted Galvanised Iron sheet cladding both Side

Structure in Case of larger,  2 or 3 story construction

Fabricated Steel structure as per ASTM design standard

Door & Windows

Aluminium Frame Sliding Window and PVC Doors


Concrete Platform or Pillar Foundation


Resistant to wind load of 150 kmph


Local Labour with Supervisors from India





Low Cost Housing

- Issues & Opportunities -

  1. Need for energy efficiency and environmental protection in manufacturing technologies.
  2. Need to develop cost effective construction technologies to mitigate the effects of natural hazards.
  3. Need to create employment and skill improvement opportunities leading to poverty alleviation.
  4. Need to substitute expensive & scarce building materials and components by low cost materials to suit local design typologies.

Aims is to reduce the cost of construction and at the same time not sacrifice any element of safety or serviceability of the house over the life cycle. They are

  1. Strong
  2. Durable
  3. Functional
  4. Aesthetic
  5. Environment Friendly
  6. Energy Efficient
  7. Affordable and adaptable
  8. Cost-effective materials
  9. Appropriate Technologies in Construction.