Pre Engineering buildings:-
Industrial Foams Pvt Ltd is a reckoning power in the pre engineering steel building in India. A single podium that delivers varied solutions like Design, Manufacture, Supply and Installation of pre engineered steel buildings and building components for industries, warehouses, commercial centers, multi-storied buildings, etc. Covering a wide spectrum of application areas, IFPL has brought innovation, design distinction, international expertise and above all, global quality to every customer who aspires for technological and structural superiority.

Pre-Engineered Buildings can be designed to accept most types of crane systems such as EOT, Monorail & Under-Slung cranes etc. in all general type of buildings. When a crane system is to be integrated, IFPL’s scope is limited to brackets and crane runway beams which support the crane system, that is essentially required to design and estimate building with cranes.

Mezzanine Floor:
Intermediate mezzanine floors are possible in metal buildings. Mezzanine floors can be provided in complete or partial area in Pre-Engineered Buildings to suit loading requirements for office and storage. Mezzanine floor consists of steel decks, supported by joists framed to the mezzanine beams. Mezzanine main beams normally runs across the width of the building and are located under the main rafters while joists run parallel to the length of the building, the top flange of the joist fit perfectly below the top flange of the mezzanine beam. The economy of the mezzanine floor is affected by the applied load and support column spacings. Multi-level equipment platforms, catwalks, staircases etc. can be accommodated.

IFPL is known for:

  1. One of the most innovative and fastest designing team, an expert and best structural engineer in PEB.
  2. Aesthetical design and most economical building solutions. Galvanized purlins Saves time on erection and avoid herculean task of repainting of purlins. It alsogreatly helps in increasing the life of building and considerably reducing themaintenance cost of the buildings.
  3. Reduced construction time and fastest deliveries possible in pre-engineered building.
  4. Complete Building solution under one roof (including Roof, Wall Cladding, Insulationand all accessories).
  5. PUF Insulated panels for Wall & Roof
  6. Best communication tools to give better service to client.
  7. Commitments is big part of what IFPL believe.
  8. No pollution during construction.
  9. Our commitment to safety will be the benchmark in the Industry.
  10. Trust will be fundamental in the quality of our products and services as will as in our delivery commitments.
  11. Upholding human values among all stakeholders.