WE are Pioneers from more then last 2 decades in the manufacturing of Blended Polyol, PUF Insulated Panels, Porta Cabins and Prefabricated Houses. Industrial Foams is a reputed Rigid Polyurethane Foam System house manufacturing/ Blending high quality of Polyurethane Chemical. The raw chemical is procured from the best international vendors and blended at our facility at Kasna, Greater Noida.

Rigid foam is a plastic solid with a Random cellular structure having thousand of closed cells per cubic inches of expanded material. The Foam is formed by a controlled reaction between two ingredients as Polyol & lsocynate in presence of selected catalyst and additives. The chemical when mixed expands rapidly up to 25-30 times its original volume and then hardens. The product has numerous applications in different fields for insulation and available in different density configuration, achieved by changing the proportions of ingredients. It adheres tenaciously to most surfaces. Rigid Polyurethane foams have unique properties, like energy saving, high strength to weigh ratio, low thermal conductivity, low water vapor transmission buoyancy. Thus the uses are based on above properties. Off late, have successfully commenced the production of PUF system having Zero ODS and low GWP as per latest environmental requirements.

PUF systems are widely used by the manufacturers of products/services, such as:-
Discontinued PUF Panels
Continuous PUF Panels
PUF Sheets
Domestic Refrigerators
Thermowares& Ice Boxes
Tank Insulation
Pipe support/Pipe section
Spray Foams/In situ
Void Filling where insulation is the requirement

We also manufacture PUF panels and sheets for various related applications where insulation is the key word.