Save Money by Cutting Energy Costs

PUF Spray For Energy Saving of Buildings Polyurethane foam spraying is the most promising technique of creating heat/cold insulation for energy saving and waterproof coatings. Polyurethane foam’s ability to cover complex-shape surfaces with excellent adhesion makes it ideal insulating material. It allows architects to design and implement thermal insulation for various types of buildings that have complicated forms such as barges, arches, columns, etc.

Polyurethane foam spraying on roof covering saves up to 80% of time and up to 50% of money in comparison with traditional methods of insulation. Due to its specific handling abilities, polyurethane foam is ideal for winterization of attics, interior sides of roofs it has superb adhesion even to ceiling surfaces as well as vertical structural units such as walls and frontispieces.

SPF has a closed cell structure that makes it water resistant. It has low Thermal Conductivity factor (0.02 to 0.03 W/ (m.K). However, it has to be protected by elastomeric coatings or other coverings (such as aggregate) to prevent ultra-violet-induced surface degradation. Such coverings can also be used for other purposes, including, inhibiting moisture vapor transmission, enhancing the aesthetics of the system, increasing the impact and abrasion resistance of the system, achieving self extinguishing properties and meeting code requirements.


Polyurethane foam spraying is the latest technique for insulation of Building &water proofing


  1. Complete insulation of surface without any joint or a heat or thermal bridges which leads to heat loss and adversely affect the insulation properties.
  2. It can bring down the temperature difference from outside to inside of up to 7 to 10 degree resulting in energy saving in the form of low electrical bills.
  3. Density of the material is very low i.e 40to 50 kg per meter cube, as a result it add very little weight to the existing structure.
  4. In can be sprayed on the profile sheet with extra coating to protect from sunrays and isolating it from harsh weather conditions will result in increased life of sheet due to protection from the rusting.
  5. Even in harsh hot and cold weather it provides a pleasant temperature under the roof, which is beneficial to the workers working under the industrial sheds so that they can work efficiently.
  6. Good acoustic properties for reducing the sound of rain drops on the entire sheet.
  7. The process of spraying is done on deck and it doesn’t require the factory to be closed for this work, a normal production can be done under roof without affecting the work.
  8. The life of the spray PUF is beyond 25 years.
  9. The product does not pose any health problem to building occupants.

  1. Density: 48±2 kg/m3
  2. Compressive Strength at 10% : 2.1 kgs/cm2
  3. Deformation
  4. Tensile Strength: 4.0 kgs/cm2
  5. Bending Strength: 4.2 kgs/cm2
  6. Adhesion Strength: 3.0 kgs/cm2
  7. (Foam to Steel)
  8. Dimensional Stability (48 Hr) : 0.1%
  9. 25˚C
    +38˚C & 90% RH : 0.1%
    +100˚C : 0.4%
  10. Closed Cell Content (%) : 90-95%
  11. Flammability : Self Extinguishing
  12. B1 DIN 4102
  13. Temperature Range : -60˚C to +110˚C
  14. Temperature Conductivity : 0.02 w/mk
  15. Water absorption : 0.2% volume at 100% RH
  16. VapourPermeability : 0.8/0.12 GMS/HR m2
  17. (AT 90% RH & 38˚C)

Conformity: The above materials meet to the specifications of IS: 12436-1988 For Rigid Polyurethane Foam