Roofing Panels

We offer wide range of PUF insulated Leak-proof profiled roofing panels. Used as Roofing on Factory Sheds, Commercial, educational, and domestic buildings, on outer facade in industrial buildings and Sheds. The thick insulation considerably reduces the summer heat and winter cold.


• Working temperature:-90° C or +90° C C
• Rigid PUR/ PIR insulation
• Joinery: overlap joinery with stitch screw and EPDM washers for Roofing Panels
• Sealants for leak-proof construction
• Insulation thickness 30 mm to 150 mm plus 23 mm crest
• Panel width and length (mm) 1027 X up to 8000 mm

These Roofing PUF Panels comes with density of PUF with of 40 Kg/ M3
Claddings are of Pre painted Galvalume sheet /PPGI Sheet both side,

We offer the range of thickness of Profile Roof panels as follows with various application options:
40 mm, 50 mm, 60 mm, 80 mm, 100 mm, 120 mm including crest height of 23 mm